iColorFolder future development

September 30th, 2008

As you may have noticed, iColorFolder didn’t have much activity in the past two years. I didn’t followed the projet, partly because I kept Windows XP (instead of Vista, so no work on Vista compatibility), partly because I work on a Mac for one year.

So this is time to move along. iColorFolder has always been Open Source, but maybe it needs to be more developer-friendly to attract the patches and bugfixes. To be started, I just set up an SVN repository, that contains all iCF source-code. You can checkout the most recent sources at :

That said, I’m still looking for maintainers that would keep the projet alive — and maybe make some improvements. I will be in Togo for the next seven months, starting from the 28th october ; so I won’t be able to manage the website, nor the forums or the SVN access rights ; it will also be difficult to me to publish new builds if improvements are made. For now, the project would need :

  • a maintainer : that would mean manage the bug tracking system, patches, and issue new releases when the program has reached a stable state.
  • one or more developers : there isn’t a lot to maintain, iCF is a quite small program, but some things would be great, first of all a Vista compatibility (which is probably just a matter of bugfix).

Of course these three functions can be merged : if someone want to be admin, manager and developer, I’ll be more than happy.

If you want to contribute, send me a message via the SourceForge interface (or contact me via the forum), and I’ll give you further informations and the SourceForge or SVN required rights.

Thank you for reading this, and spread the world : iColorFolder needs you !