Version history

Version 1.4.2


  • Change of the file type icon, broken in 1.4.1


  • “Change drive icon” feature, too buggy

Version 1.4.1


  • Drive icons can be changed


  • Windows XP Skin updated, now in high resolution (up to 128*128), thanks to Flyakite and XPero
  • Full refresh of the Icon Cache less often triggered
  • Updated the sources documentation


  • Better behavior of the Skin Selector checkbox
  • The customization of multiple folders at once works (was broken in 1.4)
  • Better refresh of the icon after a change
  • File with an unknow type do not open the “Change Icon” dialog anymore
  • Various bugs due to the “System” attribute applied to customized folders

Version 1.4


  • Folders are refreshed automatically when changing their color
  • Desktop Icons stay ordered when changing a File Type Icon (no more RefreshIconCache)
  • A new skin, Agua, by David Lanham and Ced


  • iColorFolder is now written in C++
  • The .NET Framework is no more required
  • Update of the Vista skin, with the help of Nobo
  • The Lite version of iColorFolder can be compiled with a simple switch in the script of the Setup
  • The Agua skin replace the Snow.E2 skin in the default package

Version 1.3


  • Setup now checks if Administrator Rights are available (required for Setup, not for daily usage)
  • “Makefiles” to compile the sources of iColorFolder and/or its Setup
  • Support of latests Mono versions


  • Interface of Skin Selector reworked
  • Source Tree reorganized to allow a “right out of the box” compilation


  • Bug when installing the old C++ version
  • Some little bugs

Version 1.2

Added :

  • The Skin Selector remembers the selected skin
  • Mono Framework support (only if the .NET Framework isn’t installed)
  • You can force the use of Mono by passing the argument “/MONO” to the installer
  • New installer command-line argument: “/SKIN=SKIN_NAME” (see the ReadMe file for more details)
  • Chinese translation (Simplified and Traditionnal), thanks to zhangduyixiong
  • Nice picture in the setup main pages (at last !)
  • Link in the Startup Menu to the Additional Skin Pack


  • Better reinstallation support
  • Updated the readMe file, with more technical stuff
  • Better default icon for the Longhorn skin


  • Duplicated entries when installing in two different languages
  • The Setup doesn’t hang when refreshing the Icon cache

Version 1.1

  • Ability to change the default icon of all the files of the same type

Version 1.0


  • Conversion of the project into C#
  • Added a Skin Selector
  • New entry in the contextual menu : “Custom”, to select an additional
    icon into the skin (or even any icon of your choice)
  • Skinning of the “generic” folder icon
  • Found a workaround for the impossible customization of some system folders
  • Respect of the special folders icon (My Pictures, My Music, etc)


  • Added some version informations to the installer executable
  • The choice of the skin on setup is expanded by default
  • Use of the old C++ version of iCF (0.5.1) if the .NET Framework is not installed
  • Fixed the replacement of CMExt.dll on setup


  • The labels of the menu are now stored in the main executable, and no more in the skins
  • Ability to add any extra icons to a skin
  • Added two new skins, Longhorn and Snow.E2

Version 0.5.1

  • Added a spanish translation
  • Better languages support
  • New skin selector on setup

Version 0.5

  • Change of multiple folders at once allowed
  • Setup cleaner and smaller
  • Choice of the default skin on setup
  • New utility to refresh the Icon Cache
  • Sources included in the standard package

Version 0.4.2

  • Icons look not jerky anymore

Version 0.4.1

  • Created a setup system
  • iColorFolder can be installed in any folder

Version 0.4

  • Added skin support

Version 0.3.1 (First english release)

  • Icons are now fully colored
  • Added an uninstall script